Socialize & Spatialize Collections of URLs
Introduction to Chréage Project

Logistics of Knowledge

The application that reinvents Internet browsing


"A good sketch is better than a long speech."

— Napoléon Bonaparte
A free, innovative, evaluative browser extension

Chréage is a navigation interface that profoundly revolutionizes our web surfing habits by spatializing and socializing collections of URLs.

Its 3D interface is deliberately intuitive, to bring a real fluidity of navigation, straightforward ergonomics, and of course an increased browsing speed by allowing you to search relevant collections of tabs in one click.

Gamify Web browsing

The video game industry, having empirically accumulated a lot of skills in the ergonomics of user interface, has paved the way for the best 3D practices, and if we want to make web navigation more engaging, fun, immersive and interactive, we need to learn from its experience.

The gamification of the web browser seemed to us to be the most interesting track whereas, and as video games is a cultural and technological landmark omnipresent since the 80s, we believe it will ease the adoption of good Web 3D.

Cognitive ergonomics

Chréage traces out a path for you, beacons your surfing during your search, all in a playful way.

The automatic spatialization of web addresses makes it possible to bring higher dimensional readings, for example, the position of each element in relation to one another can be exploited to bring meaning.

Chréage is also a true social network, dedicated to knowledge, it allows to quickly find collections of websites, organize, prioritize, store and visualize them, all in a collaborative way.

Try our interactive WebGL Prototype

Chréage Features list
  • Always Free
  • Blend search engines
  • Visualize three times more contents
  • Auto Generate island from Bookmarks
  • Community & Social network
  • Full Web Technology
  • Unity 3D WebGL
  • Filter/catégorie/tag
  • IOS APP 3D version
  • Simplify mobile version
  • Search socially-curated contents
  • Import and export options
  • Spatialize your content
  • Discover the web in a radically different way
  • Blockchain ready
  • Pro package features
  • Create your own memory palaces
  • Video Player
  • Chatroom

 Any supporter above 1$ will have 

  • their name in the source code
  • the according amount of “Sochles” on the World of Living Together for a period of one year, renewable once
  • 14% of their donation to the Adlania Foundation, architect of the International Day
  • 7% of their donation to the Bioniria Foundation, for the purpose of planting trees in Senegal

Follower Pack

  • One Tier-1 Sochle : Grove
  • in the World of Living Together (WoLT) for 12 months

Fan Pack

  • One Tier-2 Sochle : Domain
  • in the WoLT for 12 months

Supporter Pack

  • One Tier-3 Sochle : Wood
  • in the WoLT for 12 months

Amateur Pack

  • One Tier-4 Sochle : Reservoir
  • in the WoLT for 12 months

Lover Pack

  • One Tier-5 Sochle : Forest minor
  • in the WoLT for 12 months
  • +1 Moringa tree planted in Senegal
  • + Special Blog Access

Connoisseur Pack

  • One Tier-6 Sochle : Reservoir Major
  • in the WoLT for 12 months
  • +1 Moringa tree planted in Senegal
  • + Special Blog Access

Adventurer Pack

  • One Tier-7 Sochle : Lake Minor
  • in the WoLT for 12 months
  • +2 Moringa tree planted in Senegal
  • + Special Blog Access

Explorer Pack

  • One Tier-8 Sochle : Forest Major
  • in the WoLT for 12 months
  • +2 Moringa tree planted in Senegal
  • +1 Chreage Pro Accounts & Blog Access

Researcher Pack

  • One Tier-9 Sochle : Lake
  • in the WoLT for 12 months
  • +3 Moringa tree planted in Senegal
  • +2 Chreage Pro Accounts & Blog Access

Business Pack

  • One Tier-10 Sochle : Mountain
  • in the WoLT for 12 months
  • +9 Moringa trees planted in Senegal
  • +7 Chreage Pro Accounts & Blog Access

Tycoon Pack

  • One Tier-11 Sochle : Lake Major
  • in the WoLT for 12 months
  • +36 Moringa trees planted in Senegal
  • +12 Chreage Pro Accounts & Blog Access

Foundation Pack

  • One Tier-12 Sochle, namely, one of our few select “private Island” in the WLT for 12 months
  • +280 Moringa tree planted in Senegal
  • +22 Chreage Pro Accounts & Blog Access
Open Funding Campaign

We are not running a crowdfunding campaign, but one of Open Funding: Chréage is too large a project to fit in some one-month hype and crowdfunding package.

We are therefore opening the World of Living Together for 6 months exactly, three months before the first International Day of Living Together (May 16th) and three months after, and with an open goal.

The Chréage Timeline
  • First idea of the project: talk at Stanford University : “Towards the Merleau-Pontian Universes”

  • First idea of the project: talk at Stanford University : “Towards the Merleau-Pontian Universes”

  • Stanford Summer School : “what if Bergson and Merleau-Ponty had designed modern computer science?”

  • First Research & Development

  • Testing many game engines and technologies (including Three.js, pure WebGL and other games engines)

  • Artistic Exploration, UX and UI design in Unity 3D.

  • Beginning of the WebGl Demonstrator development

  • Beginning of the Chadastre Campaign WebApp development.

  • Beginning of the Chadastre Campaign WebApp development.

  • Core project kickoff - Front end application development in Unity 3D.

    Procedural world creation and island skin setup

    Smart and biomimetic UI implementation

    Social Network Framework integration

    Database (SQL), and front end integration (HTML/CSS/JS)

    Wrapping up the front end     into a browser extension

  • December 2018 The first stretch goal : Chréage C.W.E. / C.S.N. public release ( Chréage Web Explorer and Chréage Social Network ).

What will the funding be used for?

We spent years of efforts, took many risks, invested a lot of personal time and money to not only dream, but design and build a proof of concept for Chréage . Hence the one and only purpose of this fundraiser it to to make it commercially available to the world, because its high times it become a thing, and of course it will be free.
We already have our running offices in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with 5 employees, our own artistic director and CTO

Besides the donations we will make for the International Day of Living Together in Peace, the funds you are giving will be employed to hire more developers and UX designers with the clear purpose of releasing a commercially viable Chréage in december 2018, with its own user accounts, the ability to install it as an extension to your favorite browser, and to also run it - if we meet our stretch goals - from your mobile device, iOS or Android.

If you are proficient in Unity 3D, have the rigor of a full stack developer or that of an applied artist and are able to work in Swiss Jura, the home of time instrument makers, come change the world with us!


Let’s change
both the Chréage & real world
one moringa tree
& one sochle at a time !

What’s the plan?

lock $ 144 000

1st Chréage Stretch Goal

C.W.E. and C.S.N.
Chréage Web Explorer and Chréage Social Network: a Spatialized social network and a browser extension compatible for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

lock $ 350 000

2nd Chréage Stretch Goal

Chréage Mobile (Android and iOS)

lock $ 375 000

3rd Chréage Stretch Goal

Chréage Virtual Reality a prototype version of Chréage for Vive and Oculus

lock $ 683 000

4th Chréage Stretch Goal

Chréage Ecosystem Campaign / A new generation of organic advertising, especially made for charities, where you advertise not even with forests, but with programmable flocks of birds and schools of fishes.

lock $ 914 000

5nd Chréage Stretch Goal

Chréage Asset Market / Buy and sell 3D assets for Chréage World.

lock $ 1 068 000

6th Chréage Stretch Goal

Chréage Massive Online World

lock $ 1 222 000

7th Chréage Stretch Goal

Chréage Mod Market / Create and sell “mods” within the Chréage universe: minigames, bots and apps.

Introduction to Chréage Project

Logistics of Knowledge

The application that reinvents Internet browsing

Knowledge is Food

The more you understand this, the more you understand Chréage.

You have heard of neuroscientists calling our guts “the second brain”, which is correct, because it has the largest population of neurons of our body, second only to our first brain. We all like to eat, and the best food is the one that is both tasty and nutritious.
Well, we also all like to absorb knowledge, and the best one is that which is relevant and attractive.
Relevant means it has what you need, just like nutrition, and attractive means it has what you want, just like taste.

Chréage is here to revolutionize the way the entire planet makes, serves, eats and digests knowledge meals.
We serve them faster, make them tastier and more nutritious, and also make them social, that is, more shareable.

Chréage readmore page
But what’s a knowledge meal exactly?

Picture a sandwich: it’s easy to prepare, handle and eat. A sandwich usually has a source of proteins, a source of vegetables and a sauce, held between two layers of bread. How does knowledge compare with that?

Well, today nobody searches the Web for a single address anymore. What we want, what we use, what nourishes us, are collections of web addresses. We open many tabs in our browser, because this is both what we want and what we need, and this is the regular kind of knowledge meals we have everyday online.

Now anytime you assemble such a knowledge meal, Chréage does two things for you :

1) it turns it into a beautiful landscape, because when knowledge is spatialized, we remember it better.
2) it makes it social, so you can share the whole meal - not just one URL - in one click with your friends.

And this is what a knowledge sandwich looks like: a collection of tabs (your proteins) organized around a beautiful landscape (the bread) that is planted with trees (the lettuce).

What’s even cooler about the lettuce, is that the trees will be where advertising will be made available. Yet we aren’t talking of the cheap, invasive kind of ads, but rather the organic, nutritious kind: if you don’t click on it, if you don’t mouse over it, it’s just a beautiful tree, that is enriching your landscape, and making your knowledge sandwich tastier and more memorable.

Now every time you search the web, you’re making a tasty knowledge sandwich for your community, and you know what’s the best part? you actually share the advertising revenue this sandwich’s salad will make.

If you know what a sandwich is, you know what Chréage is, because Chréage is to knowledge what sandwiches are to food. We’re a knowledge-sandwich maker, serving hand-curated knowledge meals to the entire world, by making knowledge tastier and more nutritious.

Now if you believe this is the coolest idea you have seen today, share it with your friends, and make it happen worldwide by backing us today, for every dollar counts !

Chréage readmore page
The World of Living Together

We are financing Chréage by making a unique interactive work of art in 3D, of which we are leasing parts to our backers for twelve month, renewable, so they can advertise their messages or sites.

This epic work of digital art is called: “The World of Living Together”

We have made it in honor of the world’s very first “International Day of Living Together in Peace”, that was officially approved by the United Nations on December 8th 2017 and will be celebrated worldwide on May 16th 2018

The World of Living Together is a persistent world composed of seven beautiful archipelagos, on which we are mapping a significant part of the world’s Internet.

Just like the Vatican has an amazing gallery of maps, we have wanted to make a beautiful Renaissance map of the Internet.

In this map, we are opening some trees and mountains for lease, for people to broadcast their message or web address. We want the work of art to represent real life, so of course commercial links are welcome, as long as they comply with Chréage’s ethics of course.

Thus, when you are funding us, you are given your own space on the 3D work of art, for 12 months, and contributing to the art by adding your message or website, which you can change as much as you want, as long as it is constructive. The bigger the donation, the bigger the space you are leasing.

We are donating 14% of all your support money to the Swiss Foundation Adlania, which was responsible for creating the International Day of Living Together, and another 7% to the Bioniria Foundation so it can plant real-life trees in Senegal and alphabetise women of the Senegal Valley Area.

The units we are selling in the World of Living Together we call “Sochles” (Chréage Socles) and there are a maximum of 15 000 000 open for the entire world.

Chréage readmore page
Backer name Amount
brou $ 10.00
Jean Perier $ 95.00
Jean-Baptiste $ 150.00
Jonhathan $ 15.00
Ba Mouhamadou $ 75.00
Rapicault julien $ 95.00
Daniel Boukez $ 10.00
Logan Pechmejac $ 150.00
Vianney Faupoint $ 15.00
Laurent SERRE $ 10.00
adrien lenoir $ 10.00
Gosse $ 35.00
Bousbaa Milane $ 5.00
Anonymous $ 35.00
Boulligny franky $ 55.00
Teixeira François $ 15.00
Gauthier $ 10.00
Anonymous $ 5.00
Patrice Reymond $ 95.00
Audouard $ 10.00

La Carte interactive est en ligne !

27 April 2018

Comme promis, vous trouverez une vidéo ci-dessous expliquant l'utilisation de l'application interactive pour choisir une des récompenses de la campagne.
Cette carte interactive en ligne est un véritable "monde du vivre ensemble" dans lequel vous louez un espace pour promouvoir un lien de votre choix. Cette application restera en ligne au minimum pendant un an. Les comptes clients sont enfin finalisés afin que vous puissiez éditer votre lien. Pour celles et ceux qui ont déjà souscrit, vous pouvez vous connecter à votre compte et choisir votre parcelle depuis votre compte client.
Nous sommes également en train de développer en parallèle l'application mobile Chréage et dans les mois qui viennent tous nos participants auront la possibilité de béta tester l'application Chréage Mobile. Tous nos participants sont inscris d'office dans notre lettre d'information et nous vous tiendrons informés de l'évolution du développement.
Vous trouverez une nouvelle vidéo sur la page d'accueil de la campagne, un message du fondateur de Chréage, Idriss Aberkane expliquant plus en détail le concept de Chréage.
Concernant la démo 3D WebGL de Chréage,
Pour préciser, nous n'avons pas encore implémenté toutes les fonctionnalités que nous avons en tête, loin de là et nous vous informerons des évolutions de cette version.
A très bientôt
L'équipe Chréage


The interactive map is online!

27 April 2018

As promised, you will find a video below explaining how to use the interactive application to choose one of the campaign rewards.
This interactive online map is a real "world of living together" in which you rent a space to promote a link of your choice. This application will remain online for at least one year. The customer accounts are finally finished so that you can edit your link. For those who have already subscribed, you can log in to your account and choose your plot from your customer account.
We are also developing the Chréage mobile application in parallel and in the coming months all our participants will have the opportunity to beta test it. All our participants are automatically registered in our newsletter and we will keep you informed of developments.
You will find a new video on the campaign home page, a message from the founder of Chréage, Idriss Aberkane explaining in more detail the concept of Chréage.
About Chréage's 3D WebGL demo,
Keep in mind, we have not yet implemented all the features we have planned, far from it, and we will inform you about the evolutions of this version.
See you soon
The Chréage team

Les mises à jours arrivent...

18 April 2018

Bonjour à tous !
Déjà un grand merci aux aventuriers qui ont déjà embarqués sur l'arche Chréage !
Pour celles et ceux qui sont encore frileux, nous avons tenus compte de vos retours, et nous vous préparons quelques surprises qui seront dévoilées très prochainement. Restez connectés !

Notre nouvelle application interactive arrive très bientôt, pour les impatients en voici quelques visuels, dont chaque écran correspond à la possibilité de choisir deux packages.
Vous pourrez naviguer dans les niveaux de la map par les curseurs blancs.
Pour ceux qui ont déjà souscrit à un package, nous vous proposerons aussi la possibilité de choisir votre espace Chréage dans le potentiel univers persistant

Si vous souhaitez être tenus au courant de nos actualités abonnez vous à notre page Facebook, le compte Twitter ou bien la chaîne Youtube

A très bientôt
L'équipe Chréage


Good morning, everyone!
First of all, a big thank you to the adventurers who have already embarked on the Chréage Ark!
For those of you who are still chilly, we have listened to your feedback, and we are preparing a few surprises that will be revealed very soon. Stay connected!

Our new interactive application is coming very soon. For those of you too impatient to wait, here are some visuals, each screen of which corresponds to the possibility of choosing two different packages.
You can navigate through the map levels using the white cursors.
For those who have already subscribed to a package, we will also offer you the possibility to choose your Chréage space in the potential persistent universe.

If you wish to be kept informed of our news, subscribe to our Facebook page, Twitter account or Youtube channel.

See you soon
The Chréage team

ChreageWorldMap01 ChreageWorldMap02 ChreageWorldMap03 ChreageWorldMap04 ChreageWorldMap05

Hello World !

16 March 2018

We are currently in the process of improving the front office of our campaign and we'll soon be proud to release An interactive application map allowing you to select your reward and discover a little more about the Chréage concept. We plan to integrate a comment section for our bakers and a personnal member section to keep track of rewards, so stay in touch and thanks for ours early backers !

Two user reported us that the campaign is not acessible, so if it happens to you please send us an email at and we'll find a solution together in order to solve the issue. Concerning recent feedbacks, we plan to create a Chréage team photo gallery so you can meet us. Big thanks to everybody !

And you know: love can do everything !


Chréage team

Of course it is: Chréage is all about making knowledge easier to access, store, share and digest. 3D does not make it harder, but rather more intuitive to handle your daily knowledge meal, because mapping knowledge onto space makes it more memorable.
For the Web version, yes, you can import all your bookmarks.html. For the pro version, you will be able to map even your local contents onto your island. If we reach our stretch goals, we will be delivering the pro version in early 2019.
This feature is not ready at the moment, but will be made available depending on whether we reach our stretch funding goals.
We are based in Switzerland, the world’s best country for data and web privacy, home to the Ed Snowden-endorsed , and that is for a reason. Depending on the results of the campaign, we will roll out full 256 bit encryption of all Chréage accounts and activity, build a layered VPN in and ensure the homomorphic encryption of any data trend to guarantee an absolute privacy. Also, we are not selling your data to anyone, because our business model does not rely on marketing yourself, but rather the recommendations you make to others. We do not sell you, we sell the service you create, and that is why you are entitled to a cut of it, while it is in our natural interest to protect your personal data.
Our most generous backers will have a direct access to our product pipe and roadmap. We plan on delivering the first full Chréage experience for October 2018.
Nope, we have already invested a lot of personal funds and are raising private capital in parallel. More information will be available at .
This activity is managed by the Bioniria Foundation (Swiss based), via Eirin International Ltd (Senegal-based). If we reach our stretch goals, we will provide a direct interface, in Chréage, to follow your field impact in real time. Therwise, the Bioniria Foundation will provide quarterly press releases of the social impact of your donations.
The principle of organic advertising is that it should never be allowed to access your attention before it has given it something interesting first. Regular advertising will try to force its way through your attention, without taking your own interest into account. Our advertising model posits that if an announcer cannot offer your attention something that is in its interest (beauty, relevant knowledge, etc.) it does not have the right to access your mind. Period.
Organic advertising is a principle, so it is meant to evolve concretely. In this version of Chréage, what announcers must provide you with before they can access your mind, is beauty or relevant knowledge. Advertising banners disappear, and they become 3D “sochles” holding trees, stones, ponds, or anything beautiful that can enrich your landscape in themselves. If you do not interact with those “sochles” by
mousing over them and clicking them, they do not lead you to a commercial. The only competing advantage they can have to access your precious attention is their beauty and relevance.
Whether you backed us at the beginning or the end of the campaign, all the sochle leases will begin simultaneously, when we deliver Chréage World, in about 9 months from the end of the campaign. Our best backers will have an early access to the development of the project.